Resource Consulting

SSXGlobal is a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in different business and technical areas. Our in-depth knowledge of the resource consulting helps us to give you an edge. A timely response to your needs in a cost efficient manner is what we aim to provide.

SSXGlobal provides businesses with the most effective talent acquisition service to help locate and hire exceptional individuals. Our proven processes maximize talent acquisition efficiency, helping you reduce talent acquisition costs while enabling your organization to attract the highest level of talent.

Our flexible direct hire recruitment strategies are designed to:

  • Decrease hiring costs
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Leverage best practices throughout the recruitment cycle
  • Allow clients to focus their limited time on their core competencies

Technology market place has become extremely diverse. The value addition brought by technology to any business has become severely constrained with the need for quick response times. Apart from our ready pool of resources, we are closely tied in to various other information streams to get you the right person in the shortest possible time. Our knowledge of different technologies helps us to understand your requirements correctly and respond to them efficiently. WE HELP BUILD ORGANIZATIONS!

With the increased competition in all business areas, it has become extremely important to deliver cost effective solutions. We aim to provide your organization with a strategic mix of full time and part time staffing. This translates into a healthier bottom line for your organization. We are extremely flexible so we are able to accommodate a large number of varied requirements.

Our consultants are chosen through a rigorous process of technical and face-to-face interviews. This ensures that the consultant you get is of the highest quality not just technically but all around. Ensuring that he/she will deliver is our topmost priority. We stand behind each of our consultants so you get the best possible service.

Our capabilities in the area of business process improvement range from the setup of processes to their continuous improvement. The core philosophy behind any process improvement remains the same - sustainable and measurable. Our consultants are trained to allow you the greatest flexibility while maintaining the integrity of your processes. We can help with project planning and management, application development and tools deployment through a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experienced consultants.

Whether you are a small company with limited and very specific needs or you are a large organization trying to create synergy between different components of your business - we can provide the expertise to plan, manage and implement technology based solutions successfully. Our consultants will assess your business and technology needs and provide the most effective solutions.

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